by Maharahj

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Recorded at Signal 2 Noise Studio's in spring of 2001 . Released June 19, 2001 on Now Or Never Records.


released June 1, 2001



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Maharahj Oakville, Ontario

Maharahj was a metalcore band from Oakville, Ontario. This now defunct band was founded in 1997 by Garren and Clay under the original name One Winged Angel. Over the course five years the band released one demo and two studio albums. After heated discussion about the viability of full time tour support, they disbanded in 2002. Members went on to start bands Explode the Airwaves and Silverstein. ... more

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Track Name: a portrait of plague and decay
Our iron lungs are rusting and we watch them rot away. Bridges are collapsing, the dying days have come. The trigger is forced backwards and the barrel is in my face. The tools to take this apart are giving us away. On fields strewn with bodies, our cities relics of war. Love for fallen brothers is the sentiment of the end. Strangling those you cherished and burning their rotting bones, the buried truths are rising and feasting on the whores.
Track Name: sleep
I chew the dirt, sleeping under the cross. We lost our eyes buried in your guts. You'd be surprised at how many feed off of your shit. I scream in silence, buried under your cross. I scream in silence. Whisper to me, in your winter solace. Tears run down my face and I drown in a pool of my blood. I purge the silence, buried under your cross. I dream of silence. We lost our eyes, buried in your guts.
Track Name: an insect
The insects pour forth, from the mouth of the husk, hollow and dry. With its starving many and their depravity. Tearing the wings of the guardians, dismantling the plans of the masters. When the soil is splattered with the blood of the neuterers and the suffering. The soil is kept so neatly and many take their fill. Consuming their death, cultivating their doom. Our crucifix. Fixated to a burning torch, we smile with our bellies full. The insects pour forth from the mouth of the husk, open and smiling.
Track Name: the devourment of intellect
Beware the pale horse.The machine rides upon your heels. The beast consumes the skin and tears the children's throats. What we learn, we must share or the dialect will turn, grinding our future to dust. And will you replicate the process? Your pages pound their bloody hymns into their ears. I am silenced by your screams.
Track Name: the dust settles on our bones
Our bones settle and rest, the Earth devours our remains and the open wounds give food to the worms Father won't you hear my screams ? We are your dead sons. Clouds part and gravity takes its toll as the pounding force of the rain eats the marrow. The plague eats my body and your cancer fills my lungs. Huddle close to the warmth, I grow cold.
Track Name: machines (even they have ghosts)
We are the owners of our machines and we suffocate the children's dreams. Electorally justifying the slaughter of sheep. Leading the flock to their blades, the angels writhe and scream. Upon the wings of saviours they carry the plague, a swarm of reasons and stories left untold. We are the dreams of our saviour, we are the failures to our children. The bindings on our wrists tell we are the enslaved. December'scold embrace hugs me and rots our stinking flesh. We are more than the children, but we are damned as machines. I am born, I am dead.
Track Name: cities and script
This city is ruined, by your friendly fire. Cold steel embrace, from the smile that kills me. Return me to dirt. Return me to dust. I am in love with the writers of script. I am in love and you re-write my life. The ink runs dry as you re-cast my life. I make love to the writers of script. Can you open the gates for my broken body to crawl back ? Driving the nails deeper into my face. My blood runs hot. I am pierced through my eyes. My blood is your ink.
Track Name: the architects of the moment
We dissolve the means. The hourglass runs dry and these sands unfold. They swallow my soul, the sands, they swallow my soul. To rinse this filth, that the architects built. To rinse this filth, that the architects built we plow into our tombs. I dissolved my skin. You severed her head. We've evolved to die, the executioners of our lives. We evolve to die. The architects of time. The architects of the moment. The architects of time. We are the the architects. We are the engineers. We dissolve our skin. The architects of the moment, the architects of our demise.