chapter one : the descent

by Maharahj

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Recorded at Signal 2 Noise Studio's in Toronto Ontario in Summer of 1999.


released January 7, 2000



all rights reserved


Maharahj Oakville, Ontario

Maharahj was a metalcore band from Oakville, Ontario. This now defunct band was founded in 1997 by Garren and Clay under the original name One Winged Angel. Over the course five years the band released one demo and two studio albums. After heated discussion about the viability of full time tour support, they disbanded in 2002. Members went on to start bands Explode the Airwaves and Silverstein. ... more

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Track Name: alchemy and binary
What mercy is this that strangles the synapse? What creation is this that unleashes [embraces] such horror? Unrelenting test, never-ending change. Introduction of a new life causes us to be hung by our hope (chemical imbalance, entwined in wire). Where lies humanity in this technology? The sky sheds its filth (watch this rise). Watch this rise (why? does this rise). The alchemy is the binary that melts flesh with bone. The alchemy is the ability to meld flesh with bone . Feed (hunger) the machine [must be fed]. Where lies humanity in this technology?
Track Name: entombed within flesh
They lived to die. They cry, they scream. They lived their lives dying. We consume the innocence, Suffocation gives hope. Their flesh brings life. Suffocation gives hope, babies die. They live to die, death in life, consume their flesh, suffocation is life [consume their flesh, entombed in flesh] (life through death, living grave of the dead). Twist the blade, baptised in blood, you twist the blade, baptised in blood. Pleasure through pain, pleasure through pain....Covered in sores (render it useless). Mangled and broken (living machines).
Track Name: becoming the hunt
Exhumed, erased these articles of faith. Encoded, entombed we are forced to rot away. Led to the slaughter. Can quivering hands kill or have they killed and this is why they quiver? The hunter becomes the prey, no tables have turned. The art is in the process, the artist is the prophet. Erased, embrace we rot away. Encoded, exhumed these articles of faith. Embrace extinction, hold it close as we rot away
Track Name: incision aka funeral march
How can you understand the consequences of your actions, do you understand what you've undone? Do you understand the force your gravity sustains [crippled, battered broken and I bleed]? Do you understand what you've undone? Impact, of skull on pavement. Flames lick my wounds. Chilled fingers wrap around these still beating hearts. On the wings of angels, bring no mercy. The sirens calling, screams calling. And calling and the sirens are screaming. Do you hear them calling? The sirens...Fields separate reality from gravity. The wings of angels brought no mercy to me. Blood boils in veins, the crackling of burnt skin. Charred remains of what was once a family.
Track Name: dying blind (flesh as art)
When will we live? Do we know we're alive, all we know is that we'll die.When this came crashing I learned to live without my lungs. Dragged over the blades, forced into the flames. Perception of a fluid moment, crimson rains on our escape. When will we live? This iconography of the flesh must end. When will we live, we're already dead. The flesh must end. Watch us float. My spirit escapes me.
Track Name: synthesis and theory of second evolution
Flesh has risen, give us a name. This subject the slave is synthesized. Creation is conceived. Set free the slave to watch the master fall. Sculpted by the artisan, this body has grown to live, suffer and die. This subject, the slave will suffer to be given a name. A descent that follows the birth of flesh. I am a life [I am a life]. Bestowed upon a creature from a creator, this gift it is only the beginning. What life is this that puts flesh beyond divinity. This subject, the slave will suffer to be given a name.
Track Name: the masses
In this embrace, a burning purity cleanses the spirit when the flesh must sleep. These eyes are those of the masses, they see through those of the dead. The prophecy painted in blood, and you will rot if you sacrifice the bread for your beleif”. (faith) Rise [devotion] and burn them all. One sun in this cold sky, unforgiving and unloving. A farewell kiss for a priceless time.
Track Name: magic bullet theory
Tear into emptiness, this life is oblivious. Tear into emptiness, rip me open. There's fire in the sky. We're living in a state of unconsciousness, the nature of this state is crippling. Suppressed with your "truth", you ingest the reality. Shoot their saviours, disabling any hope. Cripple this desire, cripple the truth. Cripple the desire, cripple the truth. Your bullet hits the mark, you shoot to kill. Your bullet hits the mark, dead-eye dick.
Track Name: the living end
Whisper to me the lullaby that can put me to rest. What sweet secrets do you scream? (sleep comes to me). His symptoms arise of a chance to end this suffering. I can not see my time with these ocular lesions draining my soul. One last dance with the children before this harsh winters comes. Go into the ground€, [it whispers] this winter whispers to me.
Track Name: last autumns leaves
Breathe in, breath out. Indifferent to these indulgences. Recognize and begin to understand. Raped of my rights to love another human being , another living soul, my other. Compassionate hands hold me down. To embrace this love to kiss the dirt. Your palms weep blood, saddened by my love. Your palms weep blood. You quiver as the cold breath reaches out for you, where do I begin? Where do I belong? When do you begin to accept. Stitched and seamed who do I pray to now. What god will love me? And who do I pray to now? To embrace this love, I'll kiss the dirt. What gods do I pray to now?