a replication of the process and product

by Maharahj

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released August 1, 1998



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Maharahj Oakville, Ontario

Maharahj was a metalcore band from Oakville, Ontario. This now defunct band was founded in 1997 by Garren and Clay under the original name One Winged Angel. Over the course five years the band released one demo and two studio albums. After heated discussion about the viability of full time tour support, they disbanded in 2002. Members went on to start bands Explode the Airwaves and Silverstein. ... more

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Track Name: magic bullet theory
Tear into emptiness, this life is oblivious. Tear into emptiness, rip me open. There's fire in the sky. We're living in a state of unconsciousness, the nature of this state is crippling. Suppressed with your "truth", you ingest the reality. Shoot their saviours, disabling any hope. Cripple this desire, cripple the truth. Cripple this desire, cripple the truth. Your bullet hits the mark, you shoot to kill. Your bullet hits the mark, dead-eye dick.
Track Name: entombed within flesh
They lived to die. They cry, they scream. They lived their lives dying. We consume the innocence, Suffocation gives hope. Their flesh brings life. Suffocation gives hope, babies die. They live to die, death in life, consume their flesh, suffocation is life [consume their flesh, entombed in flesh] (life through death, living grave of the dead). Twist the blade, baptized in blood, you twist the blade, baptized in blood. Pleasure through pain, pleasure through pain....Covered in sores (render it useless). Mangled and broken (living machines).
Track Name: incision
How can you understand the consequences of your actions, do you understand what you've undone? Do you understand the force your gravity sustains [crippled, battered broken and I bleed]? Do you understand what you've undone? Impact, of skull on pavement. Flames lick my wounds. Chilled fingers wrap around these still beating hearts. On the wings of angels, bring no mercy. The sirens calling, screams calling. And calling and the sirens are screaming. Do you hear them calling? The sirens...Fields separate reality from gravity. The wings of angels brought no mercy to me. Blood boils in veins, the crackling of burnt skin. Charred remains of what was once a family.